Multiple Bit Rates / Intelligent Streaming

Multiple Bit Rates / Intelligent Streaming

Post by Erwin Veugeler » Fri, 01 Aug 2003 06:29:24

WMV files created with WM Series 9 Encoder (making sure to use WM
Video v8 codec), when using multiple bit rate streams, will default to
the lowest bit rate stream when played back with the Mac OS X player
(version The player connection speed is set to "T1 or Lan".
The problem is the same whether the file streams from the media
server or off the hard-drive. Single-bit rate files with just the one
higher bit rate stream in them play back fine, but when combining the
streams into one WMV file, the lowest quality stream is always played

Since the "Windows Media Playback Details" on the OS X player
download page mention support for "Multiple bit rates" as well as
"Intelligent streaming", one would assume the muti-bit rate files would
play back according to the player's connection speed settings. Or am I
missing something?




1. multiple bit rate streams for live casting.


Can any body point how can i generate multiple streams
for different bit rates ( 30k , 100k , 300k ) for live

Do i need separate streaming card for each bit rate
encoding of a live stream?

In case of VOD it is possible to restream the file saved
on hard disk, but in case of live stream how can we
divide the stream on different bit rates.

As MS encoder provide two options for  encoding

1.  via device.
2.  via file. ( so for VOD reencoding is pissible but for
live , there is no file save on hard disk.)

So how can we provide multiple bit rate streams  from one
stream to users.

Afaq ahmad

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