Compuserve for Director support?

Compuserve for Director support?

Post by valer.. » Fri, 16 Dec 1994 12:40:29

I work for a multimedia design company called Maxamedia. By far our most
commonly used program is MM.Director. We have decide to get on the net &
are now wondering which server we should subscribe.

We find this Usenet board very helpful. I'm wondering if we should
subscribe to Compuserve because they offer "Macromedia Forum" (as well as
other boards). Is anyone in comp.multimedia also a "Macromedia Forum"
browser? What exactly does it offer you?

I'm grateful for finding out about the MM. Director group at

our own address.

Are the Multimedia Forums on worth joining Compuserve?


Harvey Molloy


Compuserve for Director support?

Post by Gretchen Macdowal » Fri, 16 Dec 1994 21:27:26


Quote:>other boards). Is anyone in comp.multimedia also a "Macromedia Forum"
>browser? What exactly does it offer you?

Invaluable contacts with other developers and excellent, often same-day
support for problems. This is not to say that all reported problems are
fixed, but often either Macromedia support or another developer has a
work-around. If you get one of the cheaper CompuServe plans and use
Navigator to do most of your work off-line, it is an especially good


1. Video Director Tech Support ??

Video Director by Gold Disk is supposed to provide a simple off line,
non-linear *cuts* editing program for the amateur and low-end prosumer folks.

I've sent two very simple info requests to their so-called Tech Support
people at their Net email address, 10 days apart, and haven't heard anything
from them.  Gave them my Net, CompuServe, Fax, phone and snailmail addresses
for a registered product (I have three of their software programs - Video
Director, Animation Works and Astound).

Also, I ordered a Mac version of Video Director and they shipped me a Windows
version.  After four or five phone calls referred to various departments, I
finally connected with someone who arranged for an air express pick-up, and,
later, air express shipment  of the correct version.  

Has anyone else had any experience with Gold Disk Tech Support, either good
or bad?

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