Special Offer

Special Offer

Post by Karen Safra » Tue, 01 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Announcing a special limited time offer on Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro.  

Now you can enhance your Web pages and videos really easily with
great-looking 3D animations, and at a special price. You can purchase
Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro for only $49 until midnight September 4th.
That's a full $100 off the suggested list price!!  

To order, see the cool stuff you can create or download a free Crystal
3D IMPACT! Pro demo, please visit this url:


Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro is an easy-to-use software that can add
extraordinary 3D animations to your Web pages and videos quickly and
easily.  In fact, Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro has the best features, quality,
speed and ease-of-use of any software in its class.  Just ask Publish
Magazine, PC World, Camcorder and Computer Video and Cool Tool of the
Day.  They all recently reviewed Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro and all had
great things to say about it!

But hurry, this offer ends on midnight, September 4th!