Post by Robert Dun » Sat, 21 Sep 2002 03:25:43

Does anyone know how to UNINSTALL WMP BETA 9 FROM WINDOWS

I just want to go back to WMP 7.1!

MS-support has been of little or no assistance in this

Please Reply,

Robert Dunn

(479) 521-0126


1. Uninstall WMP 9 Beta


I'm hoping someone can help me here...  How can I
uninstall WMP 9 Beta?  I'm mediocre with computer (knows a
lot about it but stuff like regedit still confuses me) and
I've tried everything that I can think of...  Control
Panel Uninstall (the program not listed), freeware third
party uninstaller... re-installing WMP 7.1 without
uninstalling WMP 9 Beta...nothing works...  I'm thinking
of getting a uninstaller program from McAfee or Norton
tomorrow but still not sure it will works either...  
Deleting each and every file and editing the registry is
the only thing I can think of right now but that's
dangerous and takes time...

Since installing this program (just 5 hours ago)
everything is messed up... thanks to the legal permission
thing for music and stuff I can't download videos...  it
usually asked for User and Pass but with this WMP it
doesn't even asked and since this thing is new it's kind
of expected...  So if anyone can help... please... pretty
please help

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