audio redirection

audio redirection

Post by cacty » Sun, 13 Jul 2003 21:23:56

Howdy folks... I'm listening to an external audio source connected to my
integrated audio circuit. I want to redirect the audio to my usb speakers. I
can record and play back through the usb speakers but I want to listen in
real time without recording. Does anyone know of a driver or software that
will let me do this? Thanx!

audio redirection

Post by cacty » Mon, 14 Jul 2003 00:54:28

The OS is Windows XP. Sorry...


1. RemoteDesktop Audio Redirection Revisited

As noted previously, it is not possible to redirect audio to a host using
the RD Local Resources, Remote Computer Sound, Leave at Remote Computer
Option. You can remotely control output of host audio at the host by
connecting to the host console session rather than the usual RD connection.
There are two ways to do this. The third party software RemoteAdministrator
2.1 works very well for remote console control. A second good choice is to
use the RemoteDesktops snap in management tool. Select Administrative Tools,
RemoteDesktops, right click on RemoteDesktops under console root, select add
new connection, check connect to console option, and logon to the host


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