Newbie - question about encoding and streaming app

Newbie - question about encoding and streaming app

Post by Karol Martink » Thu, 08 May 2003 20:49:32


I want to make a application using WindowsMedia which should be able to
stream video over a "main server" . Please if you have a piece of time, help

This is my situation :

[ camera with encoding application ]  - 1. computer with 128kBit
  \\ stream to
  [ main server which will archive and re-send the stream to internet
users ] 2. computer with broadband connection
   //    ||    \\
user1 user2 user3 ....

Please tell me how to solve it in the simpliest way, but I need it to be
done programmaticaly. I will write it in DELPHI but I'm able to read C code
as well.

Thank you!

Best Regards,
Karol Martinka


1. Live Stream, Pre-Encoded, and "stream" to server...SDKs or WMS, or both?

I know you can use the Encoder to create ASF files, and with a huge box
encode a live stream on the fly...

We have a hardware-based encoding solution that can stream an ASF file as a
live stream but now I want a distribution system I can control...

Can we send this live stream of encoded data as a source to the Windows
Media Server to stream out to clients directly?

Also, is it possible to provide two streams to the WMS, one of them a
pre-encoded live stream and another a software encoded screen capture, and
send them both to the client in the same timeslice.  You get the picture,
I'm sending a live video/audio feed and a live screen capture session at the
same time to the same target.

Trying to determine exactly which SDKs to use is frustrating!

I think the Format SDK could help, but the Encoder SDK might as well.  The
Format SDK can certainly stream, read and write files, and the like, but WMS
may do all of this and all I need to do is capture my pre-encoded stream
source and send it to the WMS in the format it needs for rebroadcast. (I
think :)

The software encoded stream needs to use the Media Screen Capture codec.

Just some guidance on what components to use and how to marry up the SDKs
and the server pieces would be a good start.

I've got every SDK, but pieces are all over the place.

Thanks in advance,
Scott Fairbairn

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