Efficient Video Email Format?

Efficient Video Email Format?

Post by Ivo Wel » Sat, 08 Jun 1996 04:00:00

another country.  Basically, I want a uni0drectional, delayed video-phone.  
This also means I do not need real time compression.

AVI, however, seems to produce files that are very large---about
20-40KBytes/second.  I have seen video phones that work (albeit poorly), so I
should be able to work with 3KB/second, and certainly with 6KB/second.

Is there a better format?


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1. Portable efficient MIME audio format wanted

Is it just me, or is there no portable, efficient audio/* format for MIME?
I tried using audio/basic but discovered that u-law audio tends to break
MS-Windoze stuff. I could use audio/wav, but that is so inefficient that
it results in huge mail messages.

I'd really like to use something like ADPCM. Does anybody know of an
ADPCM-like format with free players available  across platforms (Sun, PC,
Mac)? (Even better --- CELP)

Or how about a suggestion for an audio/basic (raw u-law) helper app for
MS-Windoze browsers? The ones I've tried so far seem to want the AU header.

Other advice/flames welcome.

73 de KD3BJ SK ..                              http://www.jtan.com/chris

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