Powerpoint Information?

Powerpoint Information?

Post by Benjamin Burmaster » Tue, 29 Mar 1994 23:51:43

sorry about this



Powerpoint Information?

Post by Leonard_P._Li.. » Wed, 30 Mar 1994 17:34:56

Powerpoint?  NOT!!!!  

Get Astound from Golddisk.  It's about a zillion times more powerful,
easier to use, and almost completely "backwards compatible" with Powerpoint
& Persuasion.

And it's a pretty cheap too.

The current desktop video world has a good review of it, I believe.

Good Luck,



1. Powerpoint Information?

        I am interested in purchasing a presentation software program and
am not sure what to purchase.  I have heard that Powerpoint is pretty good
but I do not know anything about it.  If someone could please fill me in
on some of the pros and cons of the software and list some of the
abilities.  Also I was wondering how it compared with WordPerfect
Presentations and which was the better package.  If anyone could fill me
in on any of this info or recommend another package it would be much

Thanks for your time,
Ben Burmaster

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