cool animation/multimedia contest sponsored by Wild Wild Web television show

cool animation/multimedia contest sponsored by Wild Wild Web television show

Post by soozor.. » Fri, 26 Mar 1999 04:00:00

The Wild Wild Web television show is sponsoring a contest called the
"*s Awards" for the best animation and multimedia on the Web.  Check it
out at;     The categories are animation, live
action and interactive treat.  They're giving away some cool prizes like an
Olympus D-400Z digital camera, sound-editing software from Sonic Foundry, and
a big package of software from Macromedia. Entries are due April 14, 1999.
More info is at the show's site :

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Does anyone out there know about the commercial(?) software package "Wild Things"?  It is a number of XCMDs or XFCNs that add complicated math functionality to HyperCard.  I need serious math XFCNs for Director which can use XFCNs.  If you know of this product, or any other (commercial or shareware) that will allow me to use coth() in HyperCard/Director, tell me please!!!!!!
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