Debug output from Microsoft Filters, help resolving deadlock

Debug output from Microsoft Filters, help resolving deadlock

Post by Michael Tortolan » Sat, 06 May 2000 04:00:00

How can you get debug output from the Microsoft Filters like Video Renderer
and Audio Renderer?

Are there debug versions of these dlls available somewhere? DirectX ships
with debug binaries but I can't seem to find any for DirectShow.

I am experiencing a deadlock situation and I need to figure which filter has
stopped responding and why. The only filter I am using which isn't
Microsofts is my own Source filter and both its threads are waiting in

This is a particularly annoying bug to track down since it only happens in
my Release build and not in my Debug build. It must a be a race condition
but I'm stumped on how to track it down.



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Im developing an application which consist of several processes
using semaphores to synchronise.  

Im looking for an method or utility tool which can tell me the  process
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(Yes I know that the design should prevent deadlocks, but as usual this
is not my design, code, ..:-)

Kjell Gunnar

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