help I can't uninstall wmp beta 9

help I can't uninstall wmp beta 9

Post by JTra » Thu, 10 Oct 2002 06:47:56

I have the same problem on 98SE.

1. hey need help with uninstalling the wmp beta 9


This Thing Is Making Me So Mad I Can't Get It Off
My Computer I've Tryed 2 Restoring My Older One But It
Didn't Work I've Tryed 2 Instll The Wmp7 Over It But That
Didn't Work I've Tryed 2 Look All Over My Cumputer For A
Uninstller But There Isn't Any I Even Looked In My Hidden
Files But No Uninstller Dose Any One Know How I Can Remove
It Or Dose Any One Know Where I Can Get Some Help From The
Windows Media PPL For Free Or Something I'm 17 And I'm
Trying Eveything And This Is Making Me Really Mad And Sad
Can Anyone Please Help Me :( please :'(    

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