New MM authoring tools website

New MM authoring tools website

Post by Peter Rosenth » Fri, 01 Sep 1995 04:00:00

**Interactive Media Corporation Launches  New Site on the Worldwide Web

**Authoring tools, multimedia projectts, technical support and product info

     are now online

LOS ALTOS, Calif.--August 30, 1995--Interactive Media Corporation (IMC)
today announced its presence on the Worldwide Web.   Located at URL:, IMC s site contains a broad array of materials that
will appeal to current and prospective multimedia authors.  

Featured items include demo versions of IMC s premiere multimedia authoring
tool, Special Delivery  2.1 and  sample multimedia projects created by a
variety of IMC s customers,  including commercial, consumer and academic
users of Special Delivery.  

Demo versions of IMC s Media Cataloger, a multimedia database utility is
available at the site along with product data sheets, technical support
information, press releases and product reviews. Also included is are
special offers and a wealth of new and frequently updated materials.

 The web allows us to provide all multimedia users with instant access to
product information, new multimedia projects, product updates and technical
information in a timely and cost effective manner  said Roger Badertscher,
President of IMC.  He added,  for our premier product, Special Delivery,
seeing is believing .  The speed and efficiency offered by the web
represents an exceptional channel for delivering high quality, information
and demonstrations to prospective and current users of multimedia
About the Company
 Interactive Media Corporation, located in Los Altos, Calif., was founded
in September 1990 to develop and market interactive multimedia software for
mainstream computer users.

Peter N. Rosenthal
Interactive Media Corporation  
P.O. Box 0089  
Los Altos, CA 94023  
(415) 948-0745



David Smith's Multimedia Design Studio has just been expanded to include
a new section on Multimedia Authoring and Design, featuring
cross-platform QuickTime and Adobe Acrobat ftp downloads. Check it out

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