MM Authoring Tools for the IBM PC

MM Authoring Tools for the IBM PC

Post by Rich Delaur » Wed, 02 Feb 1994 00:15:53

Hi folks,

I'm currently using MM Viewer from Microsoft, but I'm looking to move to another
authoring program that will allow me more more flexibility in the design of the
visual environment (the "look") of the title. Specifically, I'd like

1) Good control over the placement of graphics that are embedded in text, and
over the text layout itself
2) A wide variety of options for backgrounds for text windows,
3) Perhaps the ability to import and display graphics from draw programs in their
native format, without having to convert them to bitmaps...

One product that I'm curious about is CorelDRAW 4.0, which purports to include
animation and authoring software packages. Has anyone had experience with it? Does
anyone have other suggestions?


rich delaura