Seeking Video E-Mail Comments

Seeking Video E-Mail Comments

Post by DavidNoa » Tue, 23 Oct 2001 19:41:06

My name is David Noack and I’m a technology correspondent with
Investor’s Business Daily, national business newspaper.

I’m doing a story on video e-mail and am looking for some
comments about how video e-mail is being used, whether to send a video
message to friends or as a marketing tool.

The article is aimed at new computer users so the questions may seem
obvious to experienced users.

Here are some questions for your consideration.

1. How long have you been using video e-mail? What video e-mail
program do you use? How often do you send video e-mails?

2. Depending on the program you have, how easy is it to use video
e-mail, setting up the software complicated or can most anyone do it?

3. What is the basic equipment that a computer user needs to set up
video e-mail?  Web cam, sound card, microphone, etc.

4. Is the video e-mail message sent as an attachment to a regular
e-mail? Does the software program use any particular file format, such
as .AVI and does the recipient of the e-mail need any special software
on their end?

5. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of video e-mail?

I need a little personal information, such as name, where you live
(state/city) will do, and maybe a generic job description.

I look forward to hearing from you.


David Noack
Technology Correspondent
Investor's Business Daily


1. Seeking Video/Movie PDA/PocketPC Comments


My name is David Noack and I'm a technology correspondent with
Investor's Business Daily newspaper.

I am working on a story about PDA's (Pocket PC's and Palms) and
movies/videos, films, trailers, etc., where the users of these
portable devices can download and take movies/videos with them on the
road or wherever. Since PDA's are becoming more powerful in terms of
CPU, memory and screen resolution, it would stand to reason that this
is a growing market.

The story will appear in a section called "Computers Made Plain" which
tell readers some things they can do with their computers and
expanding role of other digital devices.

I would like to get some comments about the overall market for
movies/videos on PDA's, whether there is even a market for this, how
does a company make money from this, (selling a movie, ads, etc)
whether the technolgy (of the PDA) is truly there to create a demand
for this kind of thing.

Here are some questions for your consideration. The questions are
aimed at a couple of different audiences, so answer what you can,
whether you are a viewer or developer.

1. Tell me a little bit about the movies you provide/made/view on a

2. Is providing movies to PDA users just a natural extension of
laptops getting DVD drives where movies can be played?

3. Does the success of such PDA movies depend a lot on the state of
PDA technology, the better PDA's are, the more that people will also
want to use them for entertainment rather than for strictly a
productivity tool?

4. How is the quality of PDA movies and how is the movie made to fit
on a PDA? What kind of conversion process occurs and does a movie run
in its entire length on a move? How does that effect battery life? I
would imagine a lot of compression must take place.

5. Since many of the films are theatrical, are there also independent
individuals who also make movies and that content is then distrubuted
by you or similar companies/businesses? It would seem that most anyone
-- with the right equipment -- can make movies for the small screen.

6. What does the future hold for movies on PDA's? Can we expect more
and can the product be expanded to include television shows, news,

Please feel free to elaborate and to include something that I missed
in my questions.

Also, please include your name, tile, company name, (whether public or
private) and location (city/state) will do. If you are a user of these
movies, all I need is your name, location and what PocketPC you have.

I look forward to hearing from you.


David Noack
Technology Correspondent
Investor's Business Daily

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