how to combine video stream and audio stream into DV stream ?

how to combine video stream and audio stream into DV stream ?

Post by Zheng » Sun, 16 Mar 2003 07:03:29

the "DV Muxer" filter in DirectShow can do it,but the filter can not
be used in my program for some reason,so please tell how to combine
the video stream and the audio stream into dv stream?

1. How to join Audio & Video streams into one MPEG stream ?


Does anybody know, how to join separated streams: audio and video into one
MPEG stream using DirectX SDK (i.g. filters ?) ?

I need to extract a part of MPEG file.

I did like this:
- I set the start time as needed
- source file -> MPEG Splitter Video -> dump filter1 -> outFile1
                     -> MPEG Splitter Audio -> dump filter2 -> outFile2
- after a few seconds I stopped the executing

And this way I got a part of MPEG file, but in seperated (audio, video)

How to join them back together ?
Is there any other (easier :-) way to do it ?

thanks in advance...

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