second clip freaky screen blackouts with media player 7

second clip freaky screen blackouts with media player 7

Post by Doug » Fri, 13 Apr 2001 02:02:14

When I use the latest version of media player (downloaded from MS web site)
I eventually get a blank screen and a frozen computer. The first sound bite
usually plays, then the second one freezes.

I can play regular local midi files, but not CDs. Right after it plays a
midi file and I insert a CD and ask it to play it (after it displays the
play list) it will say there is no sound card.

Very strange behaviour. It is a win98se machine with an on-board sound card.
Same error with a PCI sound card.

ANy thoughts would be greatly appreciated!




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Every time I play a video file (mpg, mpeg, avi, whatever) Windows Media
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It's like there's an Air Raid Warden running around my machine . . .  Help
would be greatly appreciated!

Mr S

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