How to read a MPEG file with multiple audio streams ?

How to read a MPEG file with multiple audio streams ?

Post by jpsof » Sat, 26 Sep 1998 04:00:00


I use Direct Show to read .MPG files composed of 5 audio streams and I would
like to select the audio streams to read.
The problem is that in all the doc of Direct Show, only the primary stream
is used even in the samples provided in the dxmedia kit.

There is a function IMultiMediaStream::GetMediaStream() which allow to pass
a REFMSPID as a "purpose id" for the value of the desired stream to get but
the doc say only that MSPID_PrimaryAudio is the most common used "purpose
id" and don't explain how to get the other audio streams.

I noticed that the tool VCDPLYER.EXE provided in the DXMEdia 5 is able to
enumerate the four streams of my .MPG file and can play an audio stream
selected in 'stream' popup menu but the source code of this tool is not

- could you explain me how to read a specified audio stream in a .MPG file
other than the primary one or could you explain me how to modify the sample
SHOWSTRM  of the DXMEDIA kit to read any specified audio stream ?

Thanks a lot for if you can help me.



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Does anybody know, how to join separated streams: audio and video into one
MPEG stream using DirectX SDK (i.g. filters ?) ?

I need to extract a part of MPEG file.

I did like this:
- I set the start time as needed
- source file -> MPEG Splitter Video -> dump filter1 -> outFile1
                     -> MPEG Splitter Audio -> dump filter2 -> outFile2
- after a few seconds I stopped the executing

And this way I got a part of MPEG file, but in seperated (audio, video)

How to join them back together ?
Is there any other (easier :-) way to do it ?

thanks in advance...

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