Re2: MPEG on Quadra 840 AV

Re2: MPEG on Quadra 840 AV

Post by Kevin Mark » Thu, 20 Jan 1994 18:10:15

According to the latest MacWeek (not infallible I know) Apple are
planning to support the DAV standard in future PowerPCs, just not the
very first ones to ship. They expect to  include the DAV slot, adn
support for some of the DSP stuff, but the PowerPC is fast enough to not
need a separate DSP.
Also, I saw a report that Apple's Dave Nagel had anounced MPEG support
for the Mac at a Multimedia festival in Japan in November, but I haven't
seen this confirmed by Apple HQ.

Kevin Marks


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       I'm recording video to a quadra 840 AV Mac, from a VHS video player
using RCA inputs through to Premiere 4.0 .  When I record, I get a nasty
black line accross the top of the video.  How can I get around this? It
doesnt seem to be tracking related on the video....would a Super VHS
connection possibly fix this problem?

thanks for any help you can give


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