video e-mail

video e-mail

Post by Jonathan Lew » Fri, 21 Oct 1994 03:51:53

Does anyone know anything about the present state of video e-mail?


video e-mail

Post by Michael S. Czeiszperger - Gateway Developme » Thu, 27 Oct 1994 22:10:00

Sun's mailtool can handle sending video files, or any binary files through
email.  Just drag the icon of the video from a file manager onto the mailtool
window, and the file is added at the bottom.  When you send the email, the
recipient sees the file at the bottom of the email, and when they click on it,
the video viewer is envoked.  It will work with any type of video that you want,
as long as the recipient has a viewer for that type of binary.  MPEG seems to
work the best since there's lot of free MPEG viewers out there.

If you want real-time video Sun has a product called ShowMe which has real-time
video, audio, and shared white-board.  Its around $2K for the software, but
you also need their video capture board.

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video e-mail

Post by Shawn I McMur » Fri, 28 Oct 1994 02:08:37

 | Does anyone know anything about the present state of video e-mail?

Any MIME compliant mailer should let you do it.
Check out comp.mail.mime and comp.mail.multi-media.
It's just a matter of having an appropriate video player for the
type of cideo you are sending.



video e-mail

Post by Alex W. Kandik » Fri, 28 Oct 1994 19:13:03

: Does anyone know anything about the present state of video e-mail?

On the our SPARC stations avaleble audio e-mail I think that video e-mail probable create like this.


1. Send *Video* email messages over internet!

There is a new product in the stores now (or soon) that enables you
to create video email to send over the internet (or Compuserve, or AOL, or...)

The picture quality is very good, and a frame rate of 20 fps is common at
a very high quality picture.  The best news is that -- because of our
compression technology -- it is not a net hog like you might expect.  For
example, I can create a video email (VMail) message 2 minutes long and it
will take less that 1 MB in space.

What's even better, is that when it creates the video message, it embeds
a player into the message, so that once the person on the other end receives
the VMail, they can just play it without special hardware or even
owning the software product that created the VMail.

The product is called AudioVision by Smith Micro Software, and in addition
to creating VMail, it is also a surprisingly good video telephone for your PC.

If interested, check out our web site:

or contact your local computer SW store.


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