Windows ME - Media Player 7.0 - Dialog Open freezes Media Player

Windows ME - Media Player 7.0 - Dialog Open freezes Media Player

Post by Pete Yoes » Thu, 11 Jan 2001 06:50:58

Whenever I try any action that opens a dialog box Windows Media Player
hangs.  I have to kill through the Task Manager.  For example File->Add to
Library->Add File... and I just get an hour glass.  All other functionality
seems to work fine.  I have tried a reinstall of Windows Media Player 7.0
from the MS download site and also a complete reinstall of Windows ME.  No
luck with either.  Any ideas?



1. Windows Media Player not working/freezing - Opening media error

I'm using Windows 98SE.  My Media Player isn't working.  
When I open it and try to play anything, it says "opening
media) but just freezes.  cntl+alt+del shows that it's not
responding and when I try to end it, it freezes the
machine.  I've also noticed that msgsrv not working in
conjunction with this problem sometimes.   Maybe that has
something to do with it, whatever that is?
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but that didn't
work.  Same thing with Quicktime.  Doesn't work and tried
uninstalling and reinstalling.  Still doesn't work.  Could
these problems be related?

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