GetConnectionBandwidth() returns wild value

GetConnectionBandwidth() returns wild value

Post by Tim Carte » Sat, 18 Nov 2000 04:00:00

Either my connection is about 2GBps or I'm doing something very wrong.  The
following code returns a value of 2147483647.

I'm modifying the wmaplay example app and have made the following changes:

class CSimplePlayer...
IWMReaderNetworkConfig *m_pNetworkConfig;

In CSimplePlayer::Play()
 hr = m_pReader->QueryInterface(IID_IWMReaderNetworkConfig, ( VOID
** )&m_pNetworkConfig);
 if( FAILED( hr ) )
        _tprintf( _T( "failed to QI NetworkConfig (hr=0x%08x)\n" ), hr );
        return( hr );

and in CSimplePlay:OnStatus()
DWORD dwConnectionBandwidth;
 if (m_pNetworkConfig)
  hr = m_pNetworkConfig->GetConnectionBandwidth(&dwConnectionBandwidth);
  if( FAILED( hr ) )
   _tprintf( _T( "GetConnectionBandwidth() failed (hr=0x%08x)\n" ), hr );
   return( hr );
  printf("ConnectionBandwidth=%d\n", dwConnectionBandwidth);





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