Mpeg Layer-3

Mpeg Layer-3

Post by Ma » Thu, 17 Jul 2003 07:05:07

Alright, I have a small problem with one of my video files.  I'm no
expert so I'm going to need some help.

I have an .avi file in a DivX codec compression, and the audio format
is in Mpeg Layer-3.  I tried burning this file onto a CD as a VCD
using Nero.  The burning was successful but when I tried playing the
CD in my DVD player the Video works fine, but the audio only works for
the first six seconds then the video goes silent.  I'm still recieving
the picture, and I am able to see the video but the rest of the movie
is silent.

I was hoping if anyone knows the solution to this problem, and could
notify me how to fix it.

       Thank You.


1. Possible MPEG Layer-3 audio codec problem in Media Player 8

I have an AVI that plays fine in all versions of Windows Media Player
7.1 and earlier.  But, in Windows Media Player 8, on a clean install
of WindowsXP, there is no video and the audio plays with a faint,
periodic crackle.  In XP, if I run mplayer2.exe both the audio and
video play fine.

After some testing, I found that if I produce a second AVI, identical
to the first, except using uncompressed audio instead of the MPEG
Layer-3 codec, then both the audio and video are fine in WMP8!  If I
produce with other codecs, I have no problems.

I have similar problems with other AVIs that use MPEG Layer-3
compressed audio.  When these play in WMP8, I get the same thing as
above, no video and a periodic crackle with the audio.  These AVIs
seem to play in all media players except WMP8, regardless of OS.

I have tried disabling acceleration but that didn't help.  I ran the
DirectX diagnostics (dxdiag.exe) and all tests were performed
successfully.  I ran RiffWalk.exe on the problem AVI files, and
everything looks fine.  All these AVIs use the same video codec which
is correctly installed (as verified by the fact that they play in
mplayer2.exe).  I have tried producing the AVI with the Fraunhofer IIS
MPEG Layer-3 Codec (which is listed as supported by WMP) and it has
the same problem.

So... I'm out of ideas.  Can anyone out there think of a reason why
the MPEG Layer-3 audio compression would cause the video not to play
in WMP8?  It's almost as if it thinks the AVI is an MP3 audio only
file.  Suggestions?

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