Video to Still Image Converter

Video to Still Image Converter

Post by Gabri » Wed, 23 Jul 2003 00:55:17


I am looking for a software tool that would allow me to convert a
video stream (such as MPEG, AVI, QuickTime, etc...) to a sequence of
still images (such as JPEG, GIFF, TIFF, etc...).

Specifically, what I am after is a simple tool that takes a video file
as input and returns a set of still images as output. I would rather
not have to deal with an interface because I'd like to use the tool in
batch mode. It can be either a Linux, Unix or Windows tool.

If a specific software tool doesn't exist, any help on how to do this
would be greatly appreciated. It seems that there are a lot of tools
out there to do the opposite (convert a sequence of stills into a
video stream) but nothing seems to exist that does what I need to do.