[CFP] RTAS'99 Advance Program and Call for Participation

[CFP] RTAS'99 Advance Program and Call for Participation

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           Fifth IEEE Real-Time Technology and Applications Symposium
                    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
                            Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel
                                  June 2-4, 1999

        Sponsored by The IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on
                                Real-Time Systems

               Advance Program And Call For Participation

              **** Early Registration Deadline -- May 7 ****

Symposium Highlights

Along with a diverse program of technical papers, this year's RTAS
several venues that highlight the state-of-the-art of real-time
applications and research.

Workshop:  The symposium is kicked-off with a Workshop on QoS Support
Real-Time Internet Applications coordinated by Azer Bestavros.  This
workshop will bring together researchers interested in the design and
implementation of novel protocols and architectures to support the
requirements of applications that are subject to QoS constraints.

Tutorials:  The symposium includes four tutorials on Real-Time Java by
Bollella and Kelvin Nielsen, Real-Time Analysis Tools by Peter Kortman
Ragunathan Rajkumar, Real-Time CORBA by Jon Curry and Real-Time
Communication by Wei Zhao.

Work-in-Progress Sessions:  There will be two WIP sessions throughout
symposium.  These sessions will provide researchers with an opportunity
discuss their evolving ideas and gather feedback from the real-time
community at large.  See
for information regarding submission of papers.


Objectives and Scope

The IEEE Real-Time Technology and Applications Symposium brings together
real-time system developers and researchers from academia, industry and
government to present the latest advances in real-time systems research,
and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions
An exciting program that fosters discussions and technical exchanges is
planned, including tutorials, panel discussions, technical paper
presentations and work-in-progress sessions on various aspects of
computing and communication, ranging from multimedia applications, case
studies, systems integration, application requirements, scheduling,
operating systems, software engineering, dependability, databases,
programming languages, system development tools, communications,
performance modeling and formal techniques.

The technical program for RTAS'99 is organized into nine sessions,
various aspects of real-time systems technology and applications: namely
Scheduling, Languages and Timing Constraints, Databases and Operating
Systems, Real-Time Windows NT, Real-Time Middleware, Real-Time
Communication, Quality ofService, and Experiences and Case Studies. In
addition to these eigth technical sessions, this year's RTAS program
features four tutorials on Real-Time Java, on Real-Time CORBA, on
Communication, and on Real-Time Analysis Tools.  This year's RTAS will
include special Work-In-Progress (WIP) sessions. These sessions will
feature a number of short technical presentations to elicit the
feedback on and interest in on-going research projects and system


Workshop on QoS Support for Real-Time Internet Applications
(accepting submissions until April 16)

The Internet is increasingly being used to support a wide range of
applications that are subject to QoS constraints for proper operation.
1-day workshop preceding the RTAS'99 aims at bringing together
interested in the design and implementation of novel protocols and
architectures to support the requirements of such applications in the
context of the existing ubiquitous infrastructure of the Internet (i.e.
HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP, MBone, etc.)

For more information about paper submission, please visit the Workshop
site at http://www.cs.bu.edu/pub/rtaw99/.

Tutorials (see http://rtas99.cs.uri.edu for more details about

Real-Time Java by Greg Bollella and Kelvin Nielsen
Wed. June 2,  13:30-15:30

Real-Time Analysis Tools by Peter Kortman and Ragunathan Rajkumar
Wed. June 2,  18:15-19:30

Real-Time CORBA by Jon Curry
Thur. June 3,  13:30-15:30

Real-Time Communication by Wei Zhao
Fri. June 4,  10:30-12:00


Work-in-Progress Sessions
(accepting submissions until April 15)

RTAS'99 WIP will be devoted to the presentation of new and on-going
projects in real-time systems and applications. The prime purpose of
session is to provide researchers an opportunity to discuss their
ideas and gather feedback from the real-time community at large.
Submissions on all aspects of real-time computing, applications, and
systems are sought for this work-in-progress session. Of particular
interest are papers exploring promising new ideas and approaches.

There will be two RTAS'99 WIP sessions held on the first two days of the
conference. These sessions will consist of 10-minute presentations of
accepted submissions. Also, accepted submissions will be included in a
special RTAS'99 WIP proceedings that will be distributed to all RTAS'99
conference participants, and will be available electronically from the
IEEE-CS TC-RTS Home Page on the WWW.

For information on submitting papers to the session, please visit the
web site at http://www.cs.concordia.ca/~faculty/manas/rtas99wip/.

Technical Program

Tuesday June 1, 1999

   * 08:00-17:00 / IEEE Workshop on QoS Support for Real-Time Internet
   * 17:00-19:00 / Symposium Registration and Informal Reception

Wednesday June 2, 1999

   * 07:30-08:15 / Registration
   * 08:15-08:30 / Opening Remarks
        o Azer Bestavros (General Chair) and Victor Fay Wolfe (Program
   * 08:30-10:00 / Session I:  Scheduling
        o "Responsiveness Approach for Scheduling Fault Recovery
          in Real-Time Systems", Pedro Mejia-Alvarez and Daniel Mosse.
        o "Adaptive Scheduling:  Overloading Scheduling for Mission
          Critical Systems", Paul Richardson and Susanta Sarkar.
        o "Scalable Scheduling Support for Loss and Delay Constrained
          Streams", Richard West, Karsten Schwan and Christian
   * 10:00-10:30 / Morning Break
   * 10:30-12:00 / Session II:  Case Studies I
        o "A Dynamic Real-Time Benchmark for Assessment of QoS and
          Management Technology", Lonnie R. Welch and Behrooz A.
        o "Static Properties of Commercial Embedded Real-Time Programs,
          Their Implication for Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis",
        o "Implementation of a Transient-Fault-Tolerance Scheme on DEOS
- A
          Technology Transfer from and Academic System to an
          Libin Dong, Rami Melhem, Daniel Mosse, Sunondo Ghosh, Walt
          Heimerdinger, Aaron Larson.
   * 12:00-13:30 / Lunch
   * 13:30-15:30 / Tutorial:  Real-Time Java
   * 15:30-16:00 / Afternoon Break
   * 16:00-17:30 / Session III:  Languages and Timing Constraints
        o "Implementation of JEM - A Java Composite Event Package",
          Guangtian Liu and Aloysius K. Mok.
        o "Tighter Timing Predictions by Automatic Detection and
          Exploitation of Value-Dependent Constraints", Christopher
          and David Whalley.
        o "Timing Constraint Remapping to Avoid Time Discontinuities in
          Distributed Real-Time Systems",  Minsoo Ryu, Jungkeun Park and
          Seongsoo Hong.
   * 17:30-18:15 / Work-in-Progress Session I
   * 18:15-21:00 / RTAS'99 Reception and Dinner
   * 18:15-19:30 / Tutorial and Demonstration:  Real-Time Analysis

Thursday June 3, 1999

   * 08:00-8:30 / Breakfast
   * 8:30-10:00 / Session IV: Databases and Operating Systems
        o "MIRROR:  A State-Conscious Concurrency Control Protocol for
          Replicated Real-Time Databases", Ming Xiong, Krithi
          Jayant Haritsa and John Stankovic.
        o "Portable RK:  A Portable Resource Kernel for Guaranteed and
          Enforced Timing Behavior", Shuichi Oikawa and Ragunathan
        o "Experiences Using RT-Linux to Implement a Controller for a
          Speed Magnetic Bearing System", Marty Humphrey, Edgar Hilton
          Paul Allaire.
   * 10:00-10:30 / Morning Break
   * 10:30-12:00 / SessionV: Real-Time Windows NT
        o Invited Paper - MicroSoft (TBA).
        o "Using Windows NT in Real-Time Systems", Allan Baril.
        o "Comparing Real-Time Performance of Windows NT to an NT
          Extension", Kevin M. Obenland, John Kowalik, Tiffany Frazier
          Jin S. Kim..
   * 12:00-13:30 / Lunch
   * 13:30-15:30 / Tutorial:  Real-Time CORBA
   * 15:30-16:00 / Afternoon Break
   * 16:00-17:30 / Session VI: Real-Time Middleware
        o "The Design and Performance of RIO", Fred Kuhns, Douglas C.
          Schmidt, David L. Levine and Rajeev Bector.
        o "User Level Scheduling of Communicating Real-Time Tasks", Chia
          Shen, Oscar Gonzalez, Krithi Ramamritham and Ichiro Mizunuma.
        o "An End-to-End QoS Management Architecture", Mallikarjun
          Miguel DeMiguel, Jane W.S. Liu.
   * 17:30-18:30 / Work-in-Progress Session II
   * 18:30-19:00 / Semi-Annual IEEE-CS RTS Technical Committee Meeting:
     Chair Doug Locke, Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Friday June 4, 1999

   * 08:00-08:30 / Breakfast
   * 08:30-10:00 / Tutorial:  Real-Time Communication
   * 10:00-10:30 / Morning Break
   * 10:30-12:00 / Session VII: Real-Time Communication
        o "Statistical Real-Time Communication Over Ethernet for
          Manufacturing Automation Systems", Seok-Kyu Kweon, Kang G.
          and Qin Zheng.
        o "Analyzing Multimedia Traffic in Real-Time ATM Networks",
          Sjodin and Hans Hansson.
        o "QDMR:  An Efficient QoS Dependent Multicast Routing
          Liang Guo and Ibrahim Matta.
   * 12:00-13:30 / Lunch
   * 13:30-15:00 / Session VIII:  Case Studies II
        o "A Event Channel-Based Embedded Software Architecture for
          Developing Telemetric and Teleoperation Systems on the WWW",
          Jae-Chul Moon, Myung-Jin Lee and Soon-Ju Kang.
        o "General Purpose Architecture for Real-Time Feedback Control
          Nuclear Fusion Experiments",  A. Luchetta and G. Manduchi.
        o "A Summary of Communication Middleware Requirements for
          Shipboard Computing Systems",  Mark Swick, James White and
          Michael Masters.
        o "Timing Analysis of the X-38 Space Station Crew Return Vehicle
          Avionics",  Lorraine E. P. Rice and Albert M. K. Cheng.
   * 15:00-15:30 / Afternoon Break
   * 15:30-16:30 / Session IX: Quality of Service
        o "Adaptive QoS and Resource Management Using a Posteriori
          Characterizations", Lonnie R. Welch, Paul V. Werme, Larry A.
          Fontenot, Michael W. Masters, Behrooz A Shirazi, Binoy
          and D. Wayne Mills.
        o "On Quality of Service Optimization With Discrete QoS
          Chen Lee.
   * 16:30-16:40 / Closing Remarks


Hotel Information

The Conference will be held at the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel, which is
located at the heart of beautiful downtown Vancouver, minutes away from
Waterfront and from many other attractions. For more information contact
the hotel at the address below or visit it on the Web at

The hotel guarantees the following rates for rooms:

   * CND$195 for single/double rooms (equivalent to approximately US$127
     based on today's exchange rate).
   * To get this rate mention "IEEE RTAS'99"
   * The rooms are guaranteed if reserved before May 7th.

   Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel
   1088 Burrard Street
   Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 2R9,
   Tel: (604) 331-1000
   Fax: (604) 893-7200


Conference/Workshop Registration

Mail to:

Ms. Linda Buss
E3774 - 550th Ave.
Menomonie, WI 54751
Phone: 715-235-0487
Fax: (715) 235-2258 or (715) 232-6243
Email: ljb...@win.bright.net

Name: ____________________________________________
Affiliation: _________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________
Phone: ____________ Fax: __________________________
Email: ______________________________________________
IEEE Membership No: _______________________________

(All fees in US$$)
 RTAS'99 Fees      On or Before May 7 After May 7
 IEEE Members      $390               $470
 Non-Members       $490               $585
 Full-time Students$190               $220

 Workshop Fees     On or Before May 7 After May 7
 Members           $100               $120
 Non-Members       $125               $150
 Full-time Students$100               $120

Registration can be done through electronic mail. The e-mail address is
ljb...@win.bright.net. Conference registration includes all the events
the symposium. To receive student rate, students are required to have
advisor's name and signature at the time of registration.

Advisor Name: __________________________

Advisor Signature: __________________________

Written request for refunds, subject to a processing fee, must be made
later than May 7, 1999. Payment can be made by check, money order, or
credit card. Please make checks or money orders payable, in U.S.
to RTAS'99. Payments in other currencies will not be accepted.

Credit Card:

[ ] Visa [ ] Mastercard [ ] American Express

Credit Card Number: ____________________________
Cardholder Name: _____________________________
Credit Card Expiration Date:____________________
Total Charges Authorized:_______________________
Signature: ____________________________________


Organizing Committee

     General Chair

        o Azer Bestavros, Boston University

     Program Committee Chair

        o Victor Fay Wolfe, University of Rhode Island

     Publicity Chair

        o Lisa Cingiser DiPippo, University of Rhode Island

     Tutorials Coordinator

        o Neeraj Suri, Boston University

     Program Committee Members

        o Alia Atlas , BBN Technologies USA
        o Neil Audsley, University of York, England
        o Hanene Ben-Abdallah, FSEG, Univ. de Sfax, Tunisia
        o Lisa Cingiser DiPippo, University of Rhode Island, USA
        o Steve Goddard, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA
        o Michael Gonzalez Harbour, Universidad de Cantabria, Spain
        o Jorgen Hansson, University of Skovde, Sweden
        o Marty Humphrey, University of VirginiaUSA
        o Farnam Jahanian, University of Michigan, USA
        o E. Douglas Jensen, MITRE Corporation, USA
        o Russell Johnston, US Navy SPAWAR SYSCEN San Diego, USA
        o Michael B. Jones, Microsoft Research, USA
        o Peter Kortman, Tri-Pacific Software, USA
        o Tei-Wei Kuo, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
        o Jane Liu,University Of Illinois USA
        o Douglass Locke, Lockheed Martin Corporation, USA
        o Peter H. Mills, Applied Research Associates, Inc., USA
        o Daniel Mosse', University of Pittsburgh, USA
        o Susan Nagy, EMC Corp., USA
        o Raj Rajkumar, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
        o Manas Saksena,Concordia University, Canada
        o Douglas C. Schmidt, Washington University, USA
        o Anoop Singhal, AT&T Labs, USA
        o Jack Stankovic, University of Virginia, USA
        o Wei Zhao, Texas A&M University, USA

              For more information check RTAS'99 Home Page at

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