Audio in Netmeeting

Audio in Netmeeting

Post by Garr » Tue, 09 Nov 1999 04:00:00

When using the audio tuning wizard my mic works fine but once I am in a
call my mic stops working. I am running Netmeeting 2.1 with an Intel USB
camera and a Yamaha sound card. Audio works when I use Netmeeting 3.0 but
not in 2.1. anyone got a solution please.

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1. Using DirectX Audio Plug-Ins

Hi all,
         I'm looking into building an application that will use DirectX
plug-ins to process audio data.  This is only a coursework project, so if
anyone has used DirectShow for a similar project in the past I would really
appreciate some info on how to do it / source code. (VB / VC++)
Many thanks,

                      ? ?
Geoff    .....oo O oo.....

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