mm-use research

mm-use research

Post by Ruud Bir » Sat, 20 May 1995 04:00:00

The De Montfort University in Leicester has started a project to develop
a basic multimedia system, that can be distributed on one or two
HD disks. To obtain information about the use of multimedia in
polytechnics and universities, the usefulness of a basic mm-system, and the
requirements that are needed to make the product a
useful product, a questionnaire is distributed to students, lecturers,
multimedia users and multimedia developers.To obtain more information
from the last two groups, a questionnair
e is placed in this multimedia newsgroup of the internet. We would
appreciate t very much if you can spend a few minutes of your time to
fill in this form, and return it directly to:  

0. What is your occupation, employment ?

1. Why do you read this newsgroup?

2. What are the most commonly used applications for multimedia systems
that you can think of ?

3. What are to your opinion the most useful applications of multimedia

4. Do you have a multimedia computer that you can use ?

5. What are the minimal requirements a multimedia system should consist
of (e.g  sound, images etc)?

6. If you want to distribute a mm program on one or two disks, what should
then be the minimal requirements ?

7. Are you designing mm systems

8. Are you developing mm systems ?

9. Is it useful to make multimedia applications MS-Windows applications.

10. Is a mm application suitable to use in education for higher educated
people ?

If you have any comments on the questionnaire, want more information or
are interested in the results, please do not hesitate to mail me.

Thank you for your interest and time

R. Birza
De Montfort University Leicester
Department of Mechanical and Electrical engineering
United Kingdom


1. MMS(TCP) protocol exclusive, MMS(UDP never used?

Sorry for the repost. I do not make a habit out of it, however this problem
has been resulting in very slow streaming media for quite a long time. In
most of the live media streams I attempt to view with Windows Media
player, it tells me that I am viewing the streams with the MMS (TCP)
protocol. However, I have tested the same streams on other computers
(directly hooked up to the cable modem line) and they are using MMS (UDP) by
default. Obviously, because of the construction of the TCP protocol, for
most streaming video using MMS (UDP) is much faster. I am running Windows XP
Pro, and directly hooked up to my cable line. Another test a friend and I
preformed was both unchecking TCP in the network settings in WMP. While my
friend could connect to the media fine, I could not even connect to it at
all without TCP checked.

I do not understand why I would be unable to receive UDP packets, however I
am looking for any explanation that could possibly be given!

I do not have any windows firewalling enabled; nor do I run a software
firewall. I am using the default buffering settings, and have the DSL 768
kbps setting selected in WMP.


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