Won't Play DVD

Won't Play DVD

Post by Charles Binfor » Thu, 21 Feb 2002 06:25:01

Get error code Ox-COOD116A.  Have run troubleshooter,
closed other programs, etc to no avail.  Don't find that
ec listed in Microsoft's FAQ.  Running XP on Intel P4
1.8, 256K ram, 80gb hd Gateway.  Any suggestions?

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I just upgraded my DVD to a DVD+RW drive from HP but have run into a problem, It won't play any DVD Media. When I load a DVD into the drive the Orange light just stays on and I get an error message "Please insert a disk into Drive..." even though their is a disk in the drive. I've seen this before with other DVD's if the Disk is not properly manufactured but I've tried 5 different DVD's that worked with the 100 and none work. Also the drive even though it's a 200i is reporting under the device manager as a 200j. Any suggestion would be appreciated.


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