Help with *.mov files (Sat. time lapse loop)

Help with *.mov files (Sat. time lapse loop)

Post by DJones74 » Fri, 13 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I have downloaded a time lapse loop of a weather satellite image. It is in
a file with a _*.mov_ extension. I have the basic Win 95 + SB 16 + MS
multimedia player setup. It doesn't seem to have the ability to recognize
this file format.

Any ideas?


Boise, Idaho

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I've made several Windows Media 7 video recordings, at 1 frame a
The idea is to play back at normal speed (20-3fps), to give a time
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speed playback.
Indeed, some of the recordings I can't even advance on to find a
particular point of playback: those ones just stolidly insist on
playing back at a steady 1 fps until I cancel playback.  This is a
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Where have I gone wrong? Can Windows Media 7 files play back at a
different speed?
Andrew Denny

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