Disable audio with XP Remote Desktop

Disable audio with XP Remote Desktop

Post by Fran » Wed, 04 Jun 2003 07:02:49

With the RDP client for XP it is possible to keep sound on
the remote computer. The Terminal Services client on WinCE
does not seem to offer this setting.

Is there any way to configure the server to allows keep
the sound local?



1. Windows XP Pro Remote Desktop ATI 8500DV Cannot see TV on Remote Desktop

This is my first newsgroup post. I used posts before to  get info and
even responded to a couple. Anyway my issue:

I have WIndows XP Pro
ATI All in Wonder 8500DV with TV TUner
I just setup (after a couple days of trial) remote  desktop with web
When I click on my tv tuner reomtely (Works fine from the  main
computer) Nothing happens. (I get an hourglass icon and  then it turns
back to a pointer)
Nothing in task manager.
I have a Dell 4300
SMC firewall and cable modem

I am guessing there is a port I need to open for this
I can play music using Microsoft media player, but if I  click on a
song using the default (slowviewer)media player I get the  same results
that I do with the tv.
Any help will be appreciated


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