CD AutoStart

CD AutoStart

Post by JohnNew » Wed, 06 Dec 2000 04:00:00


I recently burned a bunch of software application files into a blank CD.  I
have also designed an HTML page containing links to run each of these files.

How can I make my CD AUTO-START so that when this CD is placed in the CD ROM
Drive, the HTML page comes up automatically with the various options to
select from.



1. CD Autostart

No CD will Autostart on the system.
Otherwise functionality is fine.
I have placed another HDD with WIN98 in place of the XP
HDD and it has no problems with autostarting any CD.

I am the only user so I have full admin rights and I have
tried every combination in the autoplay options in 'My
Computer' with no success.

Really appreciate any assistance I can get!


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