Help: Convert ASF Format to another ASF Format

Help: Convert ASF Format to another ASF Format

Post by Terry MacVe » Fri, 12 May 2000 04:00:00

Subject: Help:  Converting ASF Files to Other Formats
Date: Thursday, May 11, 2000 9:23 AM

Is there any way to convert an ASF file into another ASF format?  I have
recorded a number of Multi-Bit Rate ASFs and need to convert a few to
Single-Bit Rate ASFs; as such, in checking out the WM 4.1 tools, it does not
appear that there is a way to "convert" from one ASF format to another ASF

I'm kind of in a pinch and would appreciate any help...



1. Need help: Convert .dat file in VCD to ASF format

hi guys,

Is there anyway to specify which audio channel of a music VCD to use when
converting a .dat/.mpg/.avi MTV video to .ASF format?
Becaue in some of my music VCD's, one channel has only background music, the
other channel has music and vocal and when I convert the music video to
.asf, it uses the channel that doesn't have vocal.

let's say that  my VCD's audio channel spec is like the one below:

left channel: background music
right channel: music and vocal

If it used the left channel in the encoding, then when I play the .asf, I
will only hear the background music.   In my experience, there is no way to
tell the encoder which audio channel to use. It always use the default
channel(and different VCD's have different default channels).   But i don't
want to create .asf's that has no vocal.  Are there any other ways to get
around this problem?  Thanks!!!

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