MultiMedia GUI Design

MultiMedia GUI Design

Post by Tony Atwat » Fri, 04 Mar 1994 09:19:12

                          SILICON GRAPHICS

The Visual Magic Division of Silicon Graphics is currently looking
for Qualified Software Engineers to paticipate in the development
of the Indigo Magic User Environment. You will be responsible for
developing a desktop management system with integrated digital
media tools bringing together audio, video, graphics and text.
Strong interest in multimedia, digital media production and
interactive entertainment would be a plus.

Member Technical Staff

Qualified candidates will have experience in the following:

- having developed and shipped a commercial user interface product
- knowledge of the UNIX/C/C++ development environment
- thorough kowledge and understanding of user interface design issues
- knowledge of competitive desktops and user interfaces
- solid understanding of unix system administration issues
- object oriented programming
- motif

Qualified candidates should apply to:

Tony Atwater
Silicon Graphics
Visual Magic Division

2011 Shoreline Drive
Mountain View, CA. 94043
Mail stop 1L 977