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   If anyone can tell me of any good vcd players please email me or respongd.
 I am having trouble with 3 vcd/mpeg players. None of them will open my vcd.
for one program it says MMSYSTEM263 is not a registered MCI device. For the
other two programs I get an open device error. Any help or suggestions would
be much appreciated. Thanks

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1. VCD Player-VCD not playing

 I captured video from  VCR with all-in-wonder radeon
and saved it as mpg file on hard disk. With Nero 5.5, I created VCD.  It
plays  on the computer but does not play on my Sanyo stand alone VCD player,
which is version 2.0
When I capture NTSC video, Nero creates version 2.0 VCD, but when I capture
PAL video, Nero creates version 1.10 VCD.
My question is why it creates different versions of VCD ?
Player does not play any of the VCDs. Player starts 'Reading' and then
displays PBC off and then does nothing.
I will appreciate if somebody can explain me what is going on and how I can
burn VCD that can play on the
stand alone player. .

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