Why: debugging dShow in C++ filter i see many threads, in the C# app only a few

Why: debugging dShow in C++ filter i see many threads, in the C# app only a few

Post by assafw » Wed, 11 Jun 2003 23:23:17

hi all.

while debugging dShow...

why is it that i see many threads in the C++/COM dShow filter,
while in the C# application layter only a few?



1. SF PIDK: Problem seeing my DShow Audio filter from Wavelab 3.0x and SAW Pro


I have written a Directshow filter using the excellent Sonic Foundry PIDK
6.2.  My problem is that plugins compiled using that code do not show up in
the plugin menus of Steinberg Wavelab or SAW Pro.  In fact, they only show
up (to my knowledge) in Cakewalk and Sonic Foundry apps.  There is a hint in
the PIDK docs that it has something to do with IFilterMapper2 vs. older
interfaces for registration.

My question is, what else do I need to do in the reg/unreg DLL interfaces to
make my plugin visible to all apps?  The default action is simply to call
AMovieDllRegisterServer2(TRUE | FALSE).

Thanks in advance for your help,


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