looking for a frame grabber card for DOS

looking for a frame grabber card for DOS

Post by VBerning » Thu, 24 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I am looking for a frame grabber card which can be
used by a dos program to capture video pictures.


1. 24bit Frame Grabbers/Video Cards

Greetings All,

   I am looking for information on 24bit video cards that also do frame
grabbing. Does such a thing exist? I thought there were some TrueVision Targa
boards that did this but I don't have any information on them. Does anyone
have any experience with this type of board? Ideally, I'm looking for a board
that has the following:
- VGA/SVGA support using the VESA standard
- Windows 3.1 drivers (using 24bit color) (preferably at 1024 X 768 or above)
- ability to grab a frame from an NTSC input source (video camera or VCR)
  This image should also be as HIGH RESOLUTION as possible (hopefully, at
  1024 X 768 with as many colors as possible).

   I currently use a ComputerEyes RealTime board for frame grabbing. I have
also used a VideoBlaster but both have 2 drawbacks:
- both require a video card and a frame grabber as seperate cards
- neither produce striking 24bit images

   Any information/recommendation would be GREATLY appreciated. Also, if it is
true that TrueVision sells such a board, could someone please tell me how to
get a hold of them.



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Cognos Inc.            mail: P.O. Box 9707, 3755 Riverside Drive,
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