Masters in Musical Creation and Sound Technology (Barcelona, Spain)

Masters in Musical Creation and Sound Technology (Barcelona, Spain)

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                      Universitat Pompeu Fabra
                Institut Universitari de l'Audiovisual
                           Fundacio Phonos

            address: La Rambla, 31. 08002 Barcelona. Spain

                               MASTER IN
                      (academic year 1994-1995)



Computers, and in general digital technologies, have revolutionized
the music and audio field, not only technologically but also
aesthetically. These machines, not only have facilitated many tasks,
but they have also opened up new fields and creative possibilities
unthinkable until now. As a result of these changes, in the last few
years new academic curricula have been defined that are becoming
common in several european countries and in the USA.


This Master is addressed to all persons interested in musical and
multimedia creation, both in its technical and artistic aspects.
After completition of these studies, the participants will be able to
today's most advanced technological possibilities.

To enroll, students should have an undergraduate degree in one of
these areas: Music, Engineering,  Multimedia, Computer Science or any
other degree related with these fields. Independently of the degree,
experience in music and computers is a must.


- To offer an integrated curriculum in the fields of Music and Sound

- To offer the needed academic foundations and practical knowledge to
carry innovative productions in the multimedia and music fields.

- To offer a musical program that fulfils today's musical needs.

- To offer technical studies on sound of interest to the people
working the areas of music and multimedia.

- To get familiarized with the most current audio technology.

- To realize a practical project, related to either research or


The Master in Musical Creation and Sound Technology is made up of 384
school lective hours, plus an undetermined number of practical
trainning, divided into two academic years.

Each academic year is divided into two semesters, the first one going
from the beginning of October to the beginning of February, and the
second one going from mid February to mid June.

Most of the classes are accompanied by practical work to be carried
at the laboratories of Phonos and Institut de l'Audiovisual,  outside
the times of the lectures. Students have access to the laboratories
during the week and  they can also use the UPF library.

Enrollment is limited to 15 students.

To get the Master's degree the student has to present an original
creative or research project related to one of the subjects.

Year   Semester      Subject             hours per week

94-95   First   Music theory                    2
94-95   First   Computer music                  2
94-95   First   Acoustics and psychoacoustics   1
94-95   First   Electronics                     1

94-95   Second  Musical Analysis                2
94-95   Second  Sound synthesis and processing  2
94-95   Second  Programming techniques          2

95-96   First   History of XXth century music   2
95-96   First   MIDI and real time programming  2
95-96   First   Digital recording techniques    1
95-96   First   Music and sound in multimedia   1

95-96   Second  Composition seminar             2
95-96   Second  Computer music seminar          2
95-96   Second  Multimedia aesthetics           1
95-96   Second  Multimedia postproduction       1

Ana Barjau (Ph.D. in Musical acoustics)
Gabriel Brncic (composer)
Perfecto Herrera (Psycologist and sound technician)
Joan Josep Ordinas (musician and computer programmer)
Eduard Resina (composer)
Xavier Serra (Ph.D. in Computer music)
Joan Trayter (engineer in sound and image)

The Master is coordinated by Xavier Serra and Gabriel Brncic.


Quote:>From September 1st to 15th. Limited admissions. It is necessary to

present C.V.


Quote:>From the 19th to the 30th of September.


500.000 PTA for the two academic years.


Institut Universitari de l'Audiovisual
La Rambla, 31
08002 Barcelona
tel.: (34)(3) 412-3991
fax.: (34)(3) 412-4162