CFP: SIGGRAPH 99 Art, Design, and Multimedia Sketches and Applications

CFP: SIGGRAPH 99 Art, Design, and Multimedia Sketches and Applications

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Call for Participation
SIGGRAPH 99 Sketches & Applications
Deadline 7 April 1999

Artists and designers using digital media are invited to submit art, design,
and multimedia projects that utilize unique or interesting ideas at the
Sketches & Applications sessions at the SIGGRAPH 99 conference in Los

SIGGRAPH 99 Sketches & Applications provide an arena to present information
in a casual, conversational environment. A sketch is a work in progress, a
preliminary draft of your latest ground-breaking work, or a "making of"
session with your favorite discovery. An application is an everyday,
practical, proven technique.

All participants are expected to give one 15-minute presentation followed
by a 10-minute period for questions and discussion. Presentations may
include real-time demonstrations. The Sketches & Applications jury may
invite authors of particularly interesting presentations to schedule two
identical talks.

More information on Sketches & Applications can be found at:

Use of the online Sketches & Applications Submission and Authorization
Form is required, and online submission of your proposal is strongly
encouraged. It is expected that one or more visuals will accompany each of
these submissions. See:

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