Media Library options

Media Library options

Post by EC » Wed, 28 May 2003 16:08:54

In the media library a info box displays next to the curser
while it over a file.  I already have all the information I
want to see in the columns, so this is a very annoying
feature.  I have searched Help for the last two hours
trying to figure out how to turn this off, but have found
nothing.  Can this be turn off and if so how?

1. options in media library

If you set up the options in media library to monitor the c:\music, how do
you determine whether or not to check the "overwrite" vs add metadata (tag)

When does WMP fill in this information?  Does it guess? Does it require an
exact match ie. song title, album and group before it will do an online

If you have manually selected an album using the the "find album
information" and WMP matches the information, fills in the tag information
and saves it the file, what risk is present to this metadata when you choose
the overwrite option, either in the media library options or the search
options?  If the information is correct why would WMP overwrite it?

How does WMP determine what to overwrite?  Why MS did not elaborate on this
is beyond me.

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