AVI codec needed..Need help

AVI codec needed..Need help

Post by Kingcrui » Mon, 14 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I get the message cannot find 'vids: WNV1 decompressor   I have looked
for hours for this codec but, no luck:( Can anyone point me in the
right direction???

1. I need help/I need help/I need help

I am new to computers What I need to know is....
If I need a Driver how do I know What to look for. Its just There don't read

2   I  Do not know how to Reload window's 98 se. Is there an easy way to do
it. I don't Want to mess it up....

3  is there a way to keep (easy way) all my Drivers in One place/Folder so I
know how to load them....

Please Please help me


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