Media Player 7.1 crashes without Administrator privileges?...

Media Player 7.1 crashes without Administrator privileges?...

Post by Pedro Fonse » Tue, 29 Jan 2002 10:05:50


I have Windows 2000 Professional installed. I just downloaded and
installed Windows Media Player 7.1. I did this with Administrator
privileges. I then logged out from my Administrator account and logged
with my regular Users account.

The problem is that (in my Users account) when I start Media Player
7.1 with an audio CD inserted (or if I start Media Player and insert
the audio CD after), the program generates an error and terminates
right there, with no more explanations whatsoever. There isn't even an
event or application log entry, in the Event Viewer...

But when I am in the Administrator account this doesn't happen at all.
Instead of crashing, the program normally connects to the Internet and
downloads the appropriate information about the audio CD... Back to my
Users account, I insert the same CD, and the program doesn't crash
anymore (maybe because the CD information has already been added to
the library)... But if I insert a completely new CD, the program
crashes again...

So I guess the problem arises only with the Users account and only
when I'm inserting a never before inserted CD... I tried to give full
access permissions to the installation directory of Media Player and
even to the Documents and Settings\All Users\Application
Data\Microsoft\Media Indes\... but to no effect...

Please, can anyone help? This is pretty anoying...
Best regards.