- Binary Uploads to Non-Binary Newsgroups

- Binary Uploads to Non-Binary Newsgroups

Post by M. We » Sat, 21 Oct 1995 04:00:00

> What you did (Posting a binary file to a non binary newsgroup) is not good.
> This group must be moderated, and in all cases used to post questions/answers
> and not for source/exe codes!!!

In the future, we will upload such files only to BINARY newsgroups. That
individuals would have to suffer through the downloading of such a large
file without their consent did not occur to our firm. This medium is new
to us, and we have learned a valuable lesson. Thank you for your
understanding in this matter, and we regret any inconvenience this
incident has caused.

1. Apache served binaries files not recognised by browser as binary, but displayed

I have apache server, with the a WORD for WINDOWS file on it,
reference by a link, or directly selected on the "virtual" directory

It has the name "mail.doc"

junk. If "Save Link as"... the resulting file cannot be read, and is
slightly different in size
(a few bytes larger)... accessing via private-ftp, these files however
are not corrupted..
what could possible be the problem???

Browser: Netscape internation version 4.03 (also happens on other
but not apparently (though I cannot check) on Internet explorer...

the files to reference (and try to fetch are):


The files mailsoc.xls and socmerge.doc - both come to the screen (you

I've tried this on an entire 20 computer installation.. the same


Jon Hogan-Doran

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