#MAC versus Windows PC versus OS/2 PC for multimedia

#MAC versus Windows PC versus OS/2 PC for multimedia

Post by Matthew E Centurio » Fri, 21 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Excerpts from mail: 20-Jul-95 Re: MAC versus Windows PC v.. by John

Quote:>   Of course, there's nothing the Macs could do that the PCs can't, so it
> won't be any great loss. Plus, the nearest Mac shop is an hour away--it's
> much easier to get PCs serviced around here.
>   We've been pushing the school system to standardize on PCs for some time
> now. The teachers all have PCs in their classrooms, and the administrators
> all use PCs. The whole school system, in fact, is run on PCs. The next
> logical step would be PCs for the kids, especially considering the fact that
> that's what most of them have at home.
>   Of course, as soon as the kids get used to Windows for Workgroups, it'll
> be time to upgrade to Win95. I'll be glad to help them convert over,
> though... Win95 is so much easier to use!

You see this is true in a sense.. and not true in another.

True: Macs and PC's are equiped to do most jobs that are asked for by
today's world.

Not True: Macs and PC's do the same things

Because the PC hit big with the business market, 'cause IBM unveiled
them and that was many times the first introduction to computing someone
got (at work). Did calculating spreadsheets require the use of sounds?
Did typing in a requisition order need video? Did calculating sales
prospectives require high resolution graphics?

No.. that is why many options were left out and not worked into the
mainstream PC industry.

Then came Macintosh. Apple built many things in because it had a
different vision on computing. "Why give people a pizza if they can't
smell or taste it, but just eat it?" So they made a computer that had
many options not commonly used.. built in. Soon people who used macs
starting to migrate many text based formats to graphics. More bar and
pie charts were used in reports. Graphics of the actual construction was
printed on the architectural revamping proposal. Before you could always
hear people say: "Gosh, I wish I could stick this in here so that people
could actually see..." With the Macintosh many of these things could
ACTUALLY be done. While PC's still came bundled with DotMatrix printers
that were only used for text, Apple made sure people got the Apple
ImageWriter that would print everything you could see on the Mac
screen.. which was all graphics. Yes, text on the mac screen is really
graphics.. that was unbelievable pre-windows days.

No one can deny that the Macintosh changed the view of computers. Soon
sound was better integrated and little kids could make the computer say
things or play some of their favorite sound effects from TV. Let alone
the power given to developers to include audible signals that would help
productivity. Different sounds could mean that different stages in
compiling was finished. Etc...

Soon PC's started playing catching-up by heralding better video cards
and sound boards. This was only after they realized that this was indeed
the way computing was heading.

So when a developer wishes to write software they look at both platforms
and decides which suits his needs. If they wants MANY people to buy it
then they develop for PC. If they wants to have tools already built in
to make developing easier then they develop for Mac.  Why would a person
write some complex image processing software on a computer that doesn't
support it as well as it could, unless you buy an extra board, an extra

So multimedia (graphics/sound) programs started to get developed for the
Mac first. It is logical to say then that they are more developed and
more mature on the Mac Platform then on the PC platform.  If Photoshop
wouldn't have been developed on the Mac first, but instead on the PC..
it wouldn't be as good nor complete as it is today. Adobe waited until
the PC was good enough to support most of the options in order to port
it. But even though both programs might operate the same, it is the
advantage of the MAC that you can interchange information with program
and most ANY other program that runs on the mac so easily. It is not as
easy on the PC.

So NO. They can't both do the same. PC's have better
statistical/business software because that is what it has been doing
most of it's life. It has matured in the PC. But Multimedia.. that
really is better on the MAC.. and was later ported to PC because of
user-installed base reasons.

A Mac can kick a comparable PC's ass any day on multimedia.. Guaranteed.


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