full screen tv with hauppauge tv go and

full screen tv with hauppauge tv go and

Post by Thorsten Dresin » Mon, 22 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Is is possible to watch full screen tv with hauppauge win tv go and
matrox millenuium g400 DH 16MB.
(more than 768*xxx)

1. Live TV freezes when upsizing to full screen on TV

This is only day one of my experience with the Media
Center and I've experienced a couple of issues.  First,
when I upsize the live TV it freezes for a few seconds and
then starts up again.  

Second issue, I've gone completely through the set-up
multiple times for the cable box and still can't change TV
channels with the Media Center remote on my TV set.

Any suggestions?


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