Multimedia VBX Market

Multimedia VBX Market

Post by BobbyC » Sat, 17 Jun 1995 04:00:00

The Visual Basic programmer has little luck in the Visual Basic component
industry in trying to get multimedia tools.  Lenel's MediaDeveloper and
MediaArchitects MediaKnife products cost roughly $300-$400.  One good
resource for MultiMedia VBX's is the Visual Basic Programmer's Journal:
VBX Buying Guide.  It has a full CD of choices.  One of the tools,
PowerMedia VBX by OmniSoft is effective and relatively cheap ($40).  For


1. Multimedia market survey...

Multimedia market survey...

I am in the process of gathering information about the MULTIMEDIA /
INTERACTIVE MEDIA world. I am interested in where the market is, where
it's headed and what it will take to be a part of it.

Towards that end, I have developed this informal survey. There's a lot of
dialogue going on on-line, lots of people asking the same questions.
Perhaps this survey can help. I'll make the information available as soon
as I have some replies.

Whatever your level of expertise, please feel free to respond. Copy this

1. What type of MM (multimedia) applications have you encountered recently
as a consumer/business person? (Kiosks, marketing presentations, training

2. Are you involved in MM production? How? (corporate in-house, agency,
developer, programmer, graphic artist etc.). Comments?

3. How much are MM clients paying:  per hour / per project?

4. Are business-to-business or consumer uses strongest right now?

5. How is MM production being marketed to potential clients?

6. What development "engines" or platforms are being used most? (Director,
Authorware etc)

7. Who is producing successful MM applications? (ad agencies, software
developers, publishers, free-lancers etc.)

8. Do you have information about the educational market? Are schools
warming up to MM? Is it difficult to sell to schools? Do schools have the
hardware necessary to make use of MM?

9. Where do you see the STRONGEST demand for products in the MM world?

10. Where's it all headed? Your comments welcome!

for your time.

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