Late night brain cramps...

Late night brain cramps...

Post by Edward Alt » Fri, 06 Jan 1995 18:58:00

Hi, all.  This is my first attempt at posting to this group, so please
forgive any protocol errors or just plain stupid questions.  Here's the
problem: (Actually, there are multiple problems, but I'll start with the
most pressing one for now) I recently installed a new CD-ROM drive in my
PB 486sx-33.  It is an NEC 3x (badged as a Creative Labs).  I have
already succesfully run Megarace on it, as well as played audio CDs with
no problems.  A couple days ago I purchased Return to Zork, which comes
packaged with the entire Zork anthology on a separate disk.  I copied
the anthology onto my hard drive, and those games work fine.  The only
snag I encountered was an error message when I tried to install a demo
from the disk - something like, VERIFY - Bad file somethingorother.  I
ignored it and went on to insert the second disk, the one containing
RTZ.  This time, I typed install, and the machine froze.  Upon further
investigation, I realized that I couldn't even get a directory listing
of the RTZ disk.  I thought I got a couple bad CDs, so I returned them.
The replacements I got do the EXACT SAME THING - on both disks!

I apologize for the lengthy description, but I don't want to leave
anything out that might give someone a clue as to what the heck my
problem is.  Can anybody tell me what the problem might be?  BTW, I may
have an IRQ conflict in my system somewhere - could that have anything
to do with it?

Thanks ahead of time to anyone patient enough to read this and reply -
my brain is about to explode!



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