Find Album Info - deleting info for a single CD

Find Album Info - deleting info for a single CD

Post by Simon Irvin » Thu, 05 Jun 2003 04:11:38

Is there a way to delete incorrect information about a
individual CD from my Media Library?

The WMP9 Help suggests that the Clear CD/DVD button
deletes info about all CDs, so I have not clicked it, as
I want to keep the information on my other (210!) CDs.



Find Album Info - deleting info for a single CD

Post by Erin Dallin [M » Thu, 05 Jun 2003 06:12:00

There isn't a way to delete individual entries--your best bet is to update
the metadata for the bad cd manually or using Find Album Info.


Erin Dallin [MS]

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I have a album that is a two CD set.  If I put the 1st CD
in the "Find Album Info" gets the correct album info.  
When I put the 2nd CD in "Find Album Info" displays the
info for the first CD.  MusicMatch and WinAmp finds the
correct album info, why does WMP not ?

I asked this question about a week ago and zachd [ms]"


I did that and I get the wrong album info.
Were you asking me to re-input all of the info for the
2nd CD ?  If so, why ?  The correct info is there, WMP is
just not grabbing the right disk info.

Zach, do you have a contact that I could email or call to
try to figure this out ?  I'd be glad to make a copy of
the CD set and mail it so MS could see for its self whats
going on.


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