Sounds Of Silence--My Acoustic MP3 Version

Sounds Of Silence--My Acoustic MP3 Version

Post by Iny » Wed, 23 Jul 2003 00:04:00

At I've placed a
link to my 128kbps MP3 format solo, acoustic, instrumental 6-string
guitar version of that Paul Simon composition, "The Sounds Of
Silence." I recorded this particular version through microphones
plugged into a mixer, which in turn was connected to the computer, by
the way.

1. Some mp3 files simply don't work in WMP 8.0 (all you get is silence)

Keywords: mp3 WMP8 silence windows XP

Hello everyone.

I just happened to notice this yesterday.  Roughly 30% of the mp3 files I d/l
from say, WinMX , simply don't play under Win XP and WMP 8.  These same files
will play fine under Win 98SE (under one of the many progs I use like Media
Jukebox, Windows CD player, etc).  However, under XP when I go to play some
files, all I get is silence.  WMP displays the name and artist of the mp3, and
the little bar at the bottom moves to the right as if the file is being played,
but as I said, all you get is silence.

Can someone please enlighten to me as to why this is happening?  Obviously, this
is another fine M$ "enhance" under the XP OS, but I'd like to know what the deal
is anyway.  TIA!


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