wmicore.dll compiled using vc7?

wmicore.dll compiled using vc7?

Post by bo » Wed, 30 Oct 2002 06:13:39

Windows Media Player 9 is great, but the core dlls such as
wmicore.dll and wmvcore.dll were built with vc6 (I guess)
and they both use some of the functions from MSVCRT.DLL.
For this reason, if I build an application using VC7 and
WMP9 SDK, there will be a DLL mismatch problem because an
application created by VC7 uses MSVCRT7.DLL. This is what
happened on my computer when I tried to run my VC7 test
program, it crashed inside wmicore.dll. Note, the main
code in the test program is borrowed from WMPHOST sample
of the WMP9 SDK, and I didn't change it at all. So if my
claim above is correct, the questions will be

1. Will Microsoft also release core Windows Media Player
dlls compiled with VC7? if Yes, when?

2. If No, how can we deal with this problem if we have to
use VC7 for our projects?

3. To where in Microsoft I can report some problems I
found in WMP 9 SDK?



1. Error: WMIEXE caused an error in WMICORE.DLL

Begin by refreshing the copy of wmicore.dll from Windows\Options\Install (or Cabs) or
from the OS CD:
See "How to Extract and Replace a Protected File in Windows Me (Q265371)"

The file is ver. 4.90.2452.0,  6/08/2000.
Jack E. Martinelli       2002 MVP for Win9X / DTS
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Your cooperation is appreciated.

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