Human Factors Co-op Opportunity

Human Factors Co-op Opportunity

Post by Reni Jenki » Fri, 22 Apr 1994 02:51:47

The Subscriber Services Planning department of BNR in the Research Triangle
Park is currently looking to fill a human factors co-op position for May
through December.  BNR is the research and development arm of Northern
Telecom and the Subscriber Services Planning group is involved in defining
end user requirements for telecommunications services and products.  We are
looking for someone who is currently enrolled in a human factors graduate
program.  Responsibilities would include design of voice recognition
telephony services and development of SuperCard prototypes of screen-based
telephone services.  Programming skills are a MUST.  

Since this is relatively short notice, please send a quick note outlining
your skills via e-mail (my address below), or call me.

Reni Jenkins
BNR, Inc.

~ Reni Jenkins                                Bell Northern Research, Inc.



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