wmpcore.dll error & kernel32.dll, stack faults

wmpcore.dll error & kernel32.dll, stack faults

Post by Rayna Thompso » Thu, 21 Feb 2002 04:43:00

This is for everyone who has downloaded the WIN Media
Player 7.1, and now gets stack fault errors for
wmpcore.dll and kernel32.dll, and your Media Player won't
play anymore.

I tried the fix in KB article Q303097, which uninstalls,
change some file extensions, then reinstalls WMP. But when
reinstalling, the Media Components Installer does not show
check boxes to let you deselect/uncheck the Adaptec Cd
Burner plugin which causes the error messages.

I found some info from zachd (ms) at

which mentioned trying to not uninstall (sometimes
overkill), just reinstall WMP OVER itself.

When I did this, the Media Components Installer DOES show
the check boxes for specific items, and after unchecking
the adaptec plugin, and restarting, my Media Player works
just fine.

So THANKS VERY MUCH ZACHD! I'm enjoying my music again
thanks to you!

OK, once gain....

Install WMP 7.1 WITHOUT uninstallin first.
Check "Reinstall all components", then uncheck "Adaptec CD
burner plug-in". Afterward, restart and you should be up
and running! (And you don't have to change any file
extensions either!)

Best to you all!



1. Q303097 not fix stack fault kernel32.dll or wmpcore.dll

I received the error message "wmplayer caused stack fault
in module kernel32.dll at....", and applied the fix
suggested by knowledge base article Q303097: uninstall,
then change specified wmp*.* files to *.old, then

I then received the OTHER error message stated in Q303097,
which is wmplayer caused a stack fault in module
wmpcore.dll at.....". The only knowledge base article to
address this is still Q303097, so I tried the fix a second

Now I'm back to the first error message.

This was all after updating to Win Media Player 7.1. Does
anyone know how I can get my player to work?

Thanks bunches!

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